Wet and Wild Weather, Drive Safe!

Lights on, wipers on full. It has not been the most summery of summers by far and it looks like more stormy weather to come. Just the other day, while driving home the torrential rain struck and I found myself asking the question – as rain pelted my windscreen so I could not see far ahead – should I pull over?

I continued on, craning my neck, heaters blasting the windscreen, wipers in a frenzy. Surface water brought everything to a slow drool with lanes indistinguishable, thankfully, everyone was careful to take it easy on the road.

We all want to get home quickly and sometimes we cannot wait for the rain to ease up as it just doesn’t. It looks like this weather is here to stay, so remember to drive safe:

  • Check your brakes and tread – Coming to a quick stop is hard in the rain, harder still if your tyres and breaks are worn!
  • Check those wiper blades – If they are leaving streaky smears or making that awful scratchy sound, it is time to replace them. Don’t put up with maddening noises and poor visibility!
  • Check your lights – Ever spot that silver car in the heavy rain without its lights on? It is pretty tricky. Give your rear and headlights a once over and make sure you are as visible as possible!
  • Keep away – Give a good amount of space between you and the car behind you. No one wants to be stuck in the rain waiting for a tow truck.

And remember your umbrella!