Tunnel Face and Other Fun Summer Stuff!

Buddha once famously said, “Happiness is a journey and not a destination”. I think it is safe to say that Buddha has never been driving with a car full of tired and restless kids!

If the usual car games have lost their value, fear not for we have some new novel games to try on your next adventure!

Tunnel Face

A favourite with the Rockstar Clan is the aptly named, ‘Tunnel Face’. Superbly simple, all you require are passengers and a tunnel or bridge. As you enter the tunnel or bridge, each passenger takes a deep breath, eyes wide with puffed out cheeks. This is the ‘tunnel face’. Whoever holds their breath for the whole tunnel (or for the longest if it is a really long tunnel!), or has the funniest tunnel face if there are multiple, wins.
A fun and engaging game that might even get you some peace and quiet, too!

Time Guessing

Another fun and simple game to get the kids involved is to guess the time you will arrive at the destination. Lock in everyone’s guesses (no changing answers!) and watch the excitement grow as you get closer and closer and see who wins!

The Number Plate Game

A great one for creativity and fun at all ages!
Pick a three letter number plate and take turns to create a sentence using the letters as the beginning of each word. Bonus points for coherence, creativity and long words!
For example, if you saw “KET832”, you could try ‘Koalas Eat Ti-tree’;  ‘Kites Excel Thoroughly,’ or maybe even ‘Kiwis Enjoy Tidying’!